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About Us

Detectamet are a leading designer and manufacturer of metal and X-ray detectable products. Our detectable materials (including stationery, PPE, scoops, scrapers, detector test pieces) are widely used in food & pharmaceutical factories to minimise foreign matter contamination risk.

Our Journey

We've come a long way in 20 years! Take a look at our successes, growth, investments & expansion since we started in 2003!

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Our handy frequently asked questions page covers a great range of regularly requested information.

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Custom Products

Alongside our extensive standard product range, we can customise a huge variety of our products & equipment.

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Plastics Injection Moulding

We've got a team of injection moulding specialists that manufacture products for Detectamet as well as contracting work for third party businesses.

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Catalogue & Guides

Our handy electronic guides & catalogues are a great way to flick through our awrad-winning products in a digital document format. The pages are linked through to the website product pages for your convenience.

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Data Sheets

Our product data sheets are digitally stored on our online document portal.

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Avoid expensive recalls and protect your brand’s reputation

Why use Detectable Products?

Detectamet are the global leaders in the manufacturing & distribution of detectable products. As part of good food processing practice, we recommend detectable products are used throughout your production line & detection systems are calibrated regularly. Physical contaminants within the food production process can damage equipment and cause injury. If these contaminants aren't detected and they reach the consumer, your company will be faced with an expensive recall, which could seriously harm your brand's reputation.

The safest way to eliminate and protect against this risk is to use our metal detectable and X-ray visible products in all areas of your processing facility.

Our Detectable Products

Made from a unique, patented EU & FDA food contact approved polymer that contains the highest level of detectable additive, our product range offers you the best in detectability without compromising on durability.

To request a Free Sample of a product listed on our website, and/or a Detectamet Catalogue, contact your local Detectamet branch or follow the below link.