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Food Safety Products for the Meat Industry

Take a look at our metal & X-ray detectable products especially suited to the meat processing industry.

To ensure food safety compliance within the meat processing sector, any equipment used must be durable, food safe and capable of coping with the harsh, variable environments within a meat processing facility. Products must be able to withstand frozen & chilled environments, as well as humid, warm, or hot environments. Meat processing facilities are also accustomed to regular cleaning & washdowns, so products must be designed to be cleaned easily & hygienically.

Colour coding can also be a powerful tool in the meat industry to segregate personnel, produce, tools & equipment by areas such as factory zone, allergen type or days of the week. This is an effective approach, endorsed by quality assurance professionals, to ensure traceability & enhance food safety compliance. To accommodate this, Detectamet™ have a great variety of metal & X-ray detectable products with colour options available.

Cryo Ink Detectable Pens

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Cryo Ink Pens

Our detectable cryo ink pens are a popular choice with meat processing facilities. Manufactured from food safe, metal & X-ray detectable polymer, they house a pressurised ink cartridge that continues to write in humid environments and on damp or greasy surfaces. They can also write in freezers & cold stores, still working at temperatures down to -15°C (5°F).

Meat Markers

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Meat Marker

Our metal & X-ray detectable meat markers contain food safe ink that can write directly onto meat produce. This is ideal for marking cuts of meat for butchery and marking produce for traceability purposes throughout your facility.

Meat Aprons Sleeve Covers Vinyl Gloves - Industry Product Images

Metal Detectable Workwear

Our metal detectable aprons, sleeve covers & vinyl gloves are designed to protect your workforce from splashes and spillages within meat processing environments. Our metal detectable vinyl gloves are manufactured from a food-safe, latex & powder free material - perfect for handling food regularly. Our metal detectable aprons are available in 4 colours for colour coding opportunities.

Meat Butcher Boning Knife - Industry Product Images

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Professional Knives

Our great selection of professional knives are suitable for a wide range of requirements. The butcher's & boning knife (pictured) are favourites amongst our meat-based customers for their sharpness, cutting depth & versatility. The metal & X-ray detectable handles on all Detectamet™ professional knives are available in 9 colours for colour coding opportunities. You must be 18 or over to buy any Detectamet knife.