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Product Development Specialists

At Detectamet, we have an agile product development team who regularly design bespoke detectable products for our customers. Please get in touch if you require a custom-made detectable product.

Product Innovation

Not content to stand still, our product development team are constantly developing new detectable products to help you avoid foreign body contamination.

Fabrication & Manufacturing Specialists

At Detectamet, we pride ourselves on our development & manufacturing of high quality detectable products for our food and pharmaceutical customers. This capability has recently been enhanced by investment in our state-of-the-art injection moulding machines.

We manage the design and fabrication of our product range and regularly upgrade our products to ensure they are as detectable and fit-for-purpose as possible.

If you require a detectable product that isn’t currently listed on this website or in our catalogue, please reach out to us as we are likely to have the capacity and expertise to design and manufacture a product that would fit your requirements